EUROUZ Membership benefits

Keep informed

Stay informed about market developments & insights with our regular newsletters and member-only
country insight reports.

Track the opportunities

Obtain access to the information about the market's latest opportunities, current project status and plans for new projects.

Gain understanding

Get help in understanding often complex & highly dynamic Uzbekistan market. Understand the role of various stakeholders and processes.


Access EUROUZ support as an independent and reliable channel of communication with market stakeholders and receive advice on how to improve communication.

Utilise the network

Receive up-to-date information about all the relevant events taking place in Uzbekistan and in Europe and become part of the network.

Tailored advisory

Acquire continuous access to tailored professional advisory support, relevant to your specific organization's needs depending on your individual situation. 

How to become a member?

In order to apply to become a member of EUROUZ you can either download Membership application form fill and send it to email,
or you can send online request through our website.

Membership Categories - Voting Members

Tier I

  •  Qualification  -  Annual worldwide revenues of €100m and above 
  •  Annual Due  - EUR 2950  

Tier II

  •  Qualification - Annual worldwide revenues less than €100m and more than €5m 
  •  Annual Due - EUR 2250  

Membership Categories - Non-voting Members

Tier III

  • Qualification - Annual worldwide revenues less than €5m 
  • Annual Due - EUR 1550  

Tier IV

  • Qualification - Registered as a non-profit organization 
  • Annual Due - EUR 100  

Tier V

  • Qualification - Individuals 
  • Annual Due - EUR 200 

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